About us

Tajik Baltic Culture Centre is a civil non-governmental organization with limited liability. It was organized on the basis of Tajik Community in Lithuania, which was informally established in January 2018. Legal form of the newly organized NGO is association. TBCC is registered on 2019-11-19 at local government of Kaunas city of Republic of Lithuania under the number 305346386. The purpose of the organization is to promote comprehensive development of Tajiks residing in Lithuania and advancement of their adaptation in the new living environment.

Up to date TBCC had a chance to introduce itself to civil society and local self-governing of the country by implementing small projects connected to ecology, introduction of Vilnius residents to Tajik cuisine and national culture and organization of sports, leisure and recreation programs. TBCC also organized visits of youth to some of historical sightseeing.

During the short period of its existence this organization managed to

  1. establish as an NGO;
  2. find an appropriate office;
  3. select appropriate NGO staff;
  4. purchase minimum office furniture and equipment to start its activities,
  5. develop organizations’ logo and website;
  6. implement small volunteering projects;
  7. established partnership relationships with some local self-governing and similar non-state institutions.

Currently TBCC pays particular attention to presentation of organization, creation of the essential local and international network, attraction of more supporters, capacity building for NGO staff, creation of necessary database, conduction of field survey and researches to define needs of future projects’ target groups. Creation of reference points or benchmarking allows the new NGO to find the gaps to be filled and to measure projects’ achievements. Development and implementation of result-based projects at the beginning of TBCC’s performance seriously depends on support of other related national and international institutions.

The priorities of TBCC for the moment are:

  1. Improvement of Lithuanian language skills for schoolchildren of secondary and high schools;
  2. Conduction of baseline surveys and research among Tajik residents to define their priority needs to be addressed;
  3. Involvement of teenagers into sports activities;
  4. Promotion of private practice;
  5. Development of women;
  6. Promotion of tolerance and co-existence;
  7. Conduction of trainings on minority rights;
  8. Prevention of radicalization among youth;
  9. Cultural exchange events;

Statutory goals of TBCC:

Copyrights; accommodation development; adjacent rights; adaptation of living environment; saving of cultural heritage; leisure time organization; defence and integration of minority rights; development of national, civil and cultural identity; national safety and defence; informal education; assistance to victims of war and acts of God; assistance to non-governmental organizations; integration of violated social groups; civil education; professional improvement; promotion and organization of voluntary activities; social security; social assistance; international cooperation; law and order; defence of consumer right; business promotion; development of local communities; defence of human and civil rights.

Field of TBCC activities: Cultural education; services.

TBCC welcomes any appropriate cooperation and partnership.