The opening Tajik language course in Lithuania (Vilnius)

With the initiative of the Tajiks community of Lithuania (Tajik Baltic Cultural Center) Tajik language course was opened in Vilnius city. There are already 20 students in the class, and classes have begun.

The class is located at the Center for National Minorities, and the contribution of its head Grzegorz Miloshevic to the opening of the Tajik class is also worthy of mention and gratitude.

Mirzorakhim Kuzov, head of the Baltic Tajik Cultural Center, said that when Mr. Miloshevic was asked to open the Tajik language class, he gladly accepted the initiative and promised to provide a class in the building of the Lithuanian National Minority Center for Tajik teenagers living in Vilnius as soon as possible.

“We told them that we want to open a class for Tajik children living in Lithuania because we don’t want Tajik children to forget their mother tongue. Mr. Miloshevic welcomed this initiative and expressed his willingness to help,” says the head of TBCC.

According to him, the СNM provided Tajik teenagers with 1classroom, a separate toilet and a kitchen. During breaks, students are also provided with sweets and coffee.

For the first time in the history of Lithuania, on July 25, 2023, the Tajik language classroom was opened and started working. The class, which is entirely in Tajik, has 20 Tajik students who are taught the language, literature, and history of Tajikistan.

Classes are divided into two hours a day from 11:00 to 13:00. In addition to the lessons, teenagers speak Tajik to each other, which helps them not to forget their native language.

Ehsoni Aziz, a Tajik scholar based in Vilnius, has taken responsibility for the education of Tajik teenagers. The Tajik Baltic Cultural Center have plan to involve other students and teachers in the Tajik language in the future.

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