Meeting of the head of the Department of National Minorities of Lithuania with the head of the Center of Tajik Cultural

Head of the Department of National Minorities of Lithuania Vida Montvidaite, 6 April
meeted Mirzorakhim Kuzov, head of the Center of the Baltic Tajiks. The parties discussed issues of bilateral cooperation. Payom was informed about this at the Cultural Center of the Baltic Tajiks.

Ms. Montvidaite, who had just become the head of the Department of National Minorities of Lithuania, asked about the activities of the Association of National Minorities. Mirzorakhim Kuzov gave information about the activities of the center for three and a half years and said, among other things, that the Tajik center was registered in November 2019. The Tajik community in Lithuania includes 33 families, about 150 people in total.
The society tries to present the culture of Tajiks in Lithuania and also helps Tajiks living in Lithuania by doing a number of volunteer work.

Kuzov noted that the Tajik Center has established good relations with the former mayor of Vilnius Remigius Shimasius and has contributed to the improvement of the city of Vilnius by mobilizing applicants from society.
Since its inception, the Center has managed to enroll two young immigrants in European medical universities, one in Lithuania and the other in Germany.

Last year, the Center, in cooperation with the Caritas organization, organized actions to present Tajik culture, which were also broadcast on local television. A representative of the Seimas (Lithuanian Parliament) also participated in the Tajik campaign.
In turn, Vida Montvedaite expressed satisfaction with the activities of the Tajik Center and invited its leader to the Day of National Minorities, which will be held on May 23. He said that the Council of National Minorities is elected once every 4 years, and in the next elections it is planned to include people from the Council.

He stressed that the Department for National Minorities has a Sunday school, and Tajiks can also join it and organize lessons and education for their children in the Tajik language.

It is possible to organize lessons and trainings for adults. According to Ms. Montvedayte, the school was created to preserve the culture of immigrants.

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