Organizing a summer camp for children and parent

Organizing a summer camp for children and parents of Tajiks living in Europe.

On the initiative of the Tajik-Baltic Cultural Center, on July 9-15, 2022, 54 Tajiks from different European countries gathered together for recreation and study in the “Ilgai Villa” resort of the Trakai region, unlike the previous meetings.

The number of delegations from four European countries was ranked as follows:

  1. 44 people from Lithuania
  2. 5 people from Latvia
  3. 4 people from Germany
  4. 1 person from Poland

In total, 42 children and 12 parents rested together in the summer camp.

The program of the camp consisted of the following activities:

  • learning the mother tongue (Tajik);
  • sports games;
  • study of Quranic stories;
  • boat trip on Galve Lake, Trakai region.

Also, during the holiday, representatives of Tajik communities of European countries strengthened their swimming skills and completed a group trip to Galve Lake.

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