Start of Tajik Restaurant in Vilnius

Start of Tajik Restaurant in Vilnius

On 2020-07-27 a new restaurant “Sinbad” started functioning to the address 22A, Šeškinė Str. Vilnius. The restaurant offers national dishes of Central Asia, Turkey and Lithuania under the “Halal” brand. Experienced cooks prepare tasty food like samsa (national meat pie), Tajik pilaf, khomshurbo (national beef soup), lagman (national noodle soup), oshi ugro (home-made noodle soup), mantu (oriental dumplings), chicken karri, goulash, damlama (national Kazakh soup), nourishing soup etc. The restaurant is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 until 20:00.

Opening ceremony of “Sinbad” restaurant was held in a cheerful environment attracting attention of all the invited guests as well as passing-by residents. Representatives of the local government, local entrepreneurs, some non-governmental organizations, and the neighbouring offices participated in the opening ceremony and highly assessed the selectively served food. “Sinbad” is the third enterprise initiated by Tajik migrants residing in Lithuania. You may contact administration of the restaurant by mobile phone # +370 600 47282 and order your desired food.

The Lithuanian informational website reflected the first month of “Sinbad” restaurant’s activity in its interview with one of the founders of this private enterprise .

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