Recreation and Sporting Event

On 2019-08-12 Tajiks living in Lithuania gathered in Vingis park in the city of Vilnius to celebrate Qurban Eid (Muslim religious holiday of immolation). Representatives of Kyrgyz and Uzbek ethnic groups as well as local Lithuanians joined Tajiks to enjoy this event. Tajik hosts laid a holiday table to welcome the invited guests. After the meal event participants teamed up to small groups to play volleyball, chess, and wrestling. All participants of this recreation and sports event had an interesting time in Vingis park with its memorable landscape and returned home well rested.

These types of events allow the newly arrived Tajik ethnic group to establish and strengthen links with native inhabitants and the other ethnic minorities residing in Lithuania. One of the invited quests representing the airline company expressed open satisfaction with such unity and welcomed future events establishing harmonious relations between different ethnic groups inhabiting the same country.

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