Tajik Pilaf (meal)

Entertainment and exhibition of Tajik national food for residents of Panevežis city

To introduce Lithuanian population with Tajik national culture on 2019-06-07 ethnic Tajiks residing in Vilnius and Kaunas cities of Lithuania organized open master class on preparation of Tajik national dish – Pilaf. The cultural event was conducted in Panevežis city at the premises of Cultural Centre of Tatars of Vilnius region. Professional cook Sulaimon Davlatov demonstrated techniques of preparation of Pilav before the guests invited to this cultural program. At the same time Tajik families exhibited how Tajiks lay the table during the parties. The holiday table contained the following national dishes: sambusa (samsa or meat pie), sumanak (the dish prepared at the beginning of spring out of young wheat sprout’s sap), kulcha (small bread), orzuq (fried pastry), Tajik cakes and salads, fried meat dumplings, national halva etc.

To provide the children’s joy organisers of the event hired inflatable children’s sports implement. During the four hours of the event the invited guests – local residents of Panevežis city were introduced with techniques of preparing Pilaf, national Tajik table, traditional clothes and Tajik traditions. The event also was attended by invited representatives of Caritas humanitarian organisation, Šnipiškes area administration of Vilnius city, driving school and famous sportsmen (boxers). At the end of the event all 200 participants of the cultural event were offered to taste Tajik Pilaf and other national dishes prepared by ethnic Tajiks residing in Lithuania.

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