Promotion of Better Ecology

Promotion of Better Ecology
Šnipiškes area, Vilnius. 2019-04-06

To contribute to better living environment in Vilnius city Tajik community of Lithuania in close partnership with Association of Central Asian Migrants in Europe and Šnipiškes local government initiated cleaning up of seasonal garbage around Luminor Bank facilities to Konstitucijos pr. 21A. On 2019-04-06 about 30 young Tajik residents of Lithuania from Vilnius and Kaunas cities for three hours cleaned the area around Luminor Bank from garbage to make that safe for airing/walking of local population. This initiative was supported by Šnipiškes local government administration, which provided Tajik volunteers with the necessary tools to clean up the targeted area, thus creating basis for future cooperation between Tajik Community, local governing bodies of Lithuania and the other non-governmental organisations. This initiative was reflected in proper time by local information website ( and was welcomed by the local Lithuanian community.

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